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The PATCO® System: Component Based

The PATCO® Modular Tooling System is based on a coordinate hole pattern layout that uses accurate, pre-defined locations so that fixture bases and components can be secured to the surface in an accurate, controlled and efficient manner. Designed, engineered, and manufactured to function as an integrated system, the PATCO® Modular Tooling System starts with tables with intregrated ribbing made of one and one-quarter inch thick cast aluminum. This ensures a stable and dimensionally correct foundation.

Bases are available in a variety of fully cast aluminum models depending on intent. These include:

  • Table top Bases - for smaller assemblies.
  • Three-wheeled Bases — for ease of movement to welding or machining stations.
  • Four-wheeled Bases — utilizing deep and heavy cast aluminum rib construction.
  • Index Bases — these can be joined together to form an infinitely expanding base plate system while maintaining the coordinate hole relationship.
  • Steel tubing fabricated Bases.

PATCO® tooling fixture bases and standard components are made of cast aluminum which ensures a stable and dimensionally correct foundation. Each component has accurate pre-bored holes that align with the table’s holes on 50-mm (metric) or two-inch (English) centers. The entire modular array of components is fastened to the base table using a single sized, high precision, chamfered shoulder bolt. These industry standard (16mm dia. X 30mm), self-locating bolts further minimize tooling inventory needs.

  • Standard components come in varying height sizes to reduce the cost of template construction.
  • Risers provide standards for upright adjustment by duplicating standard hole patterns and adjustments.
  • Angular components allow for ten-degree incremental positioning.
  • Forty-five degree angle components further reduce the need for custom templates.
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